Austria   Iran  Chemical  association  currently  offers  membership  for  only 50 – 80  Euro
       researcher , scientists worldwide who are committed to enhancing  their career in chemistry
       As a member, you  will  benefit  from regular  newsletters  giving  you  updates on chemistry

       science activities and have invitations to our events. In  addition  you  can  always  gain up to 
       date industry  relevant information through our forum.

Benefits of Registration
Membership of the International Austria  Iran  Chemical  Association (AICA) is  open  to  all 
persons supporting the purpose  of IAICA,  which is to further  research and   development  
in the areas of chemistry science and Nano-chemistry. Membership benefits include:

                 ● Significant discounts on the registration fees for the International Congress of the chemistry

                 ● Discount subscription for the Proceedings of the AICA

                 ● Discount registration fees for various workshops and seminars

                 ● Discount on books, journals and publications published by the Association
                     and our partners

                 ● Free subscription to our Chemistry & Nano-chemistry Newsletter

                 ● Discount airfare and hotel room rates for the AICA meeting

                 ● Networking opportunities at various meetings hosted by AICA

Once you will become a member of our Association,  you  are   invited to  get   involved in 
various volunteer services such  as  speaking  at  conferences,  conducting  a  workshops, 
organizing a  local chapter,  or  serving  as  an  Ambassador  for  the  Association  at  your 
workplace  etc.  Your  time  andtalents  are   needed  for  the  service  of  the  chemistry  & 
        Nano-chemistry Community.

If you have any further questions, please contact to: We look forward to
hearing from you!

Membership Plan

Academic Continuous Membership
عضویت پیوسته
  • This membership option is for educated  professionals or Students Of Master & PHD
    80 Euro /year (with a proof of academic enrollment with an accredited university )
Academic Association Membership
عضویت وابسته
  • This membership option is for educated (BSc)  professionals      ۸۰ Euro /year (with a proof of academic enrollment with an accredited university )
Students Membership
عضویت دانشجویی و دانش آموزی
  • This membership option is for currently enrolled students or professors                                       ۵۰ Euro /year (with a proof of academic enrollment with an accrediteduniversity )

Rates for Corporations*

Legal Gold MembershipLegal Gold Membership
2000 Euro/Year
عضویت حقوقی طلایی

Legal Silver Membership

Legal Silver Membership
1500 Euro/year
عضویت حقوقی نقره ای
Legal Bronze Membership AUICALegal Bronze Membership
1000 Euro/year
عضویت حقوقی برنزی

Classification of legal members of the Austria Iran Chemical Association based on the amount of membership fees


Rank Membership Group Amount of membership fees (Euro)
A Gold 2000 / Year
B Silver 1500 / Year
C Bronze 1000 / year



Maximum facility aid to legal membership based on membership group






Tariffs for each groups

1 Granting the legal plate membership in two languages; Persian and English YES YES YES
2 Possibility to use the site of Association for advertising and placement YES YES YES
3 Possibility to use free from database, specialist Archive and library YES YES NO
4 Discount for forming courses and issue joint degree 50% 30% 20%
5 Give a discount for attend the experts in Seminars and courses 35% 20% 10%
6 Issuing legal membership card for eligible presented persons 30 Persons 10 Persons 5 Persons
7 Pages allocation of association news magazine for presented instruments 4 Pages 2 Pages 1 Pages
8 Pages allocation of association news magazine for advertising placement 2 Pages 1 Pages Half Pages
9 Free allocation of association news magazine 150 100 Covers 50 Covers
10 Possibility of using Association logo and presented legal membership in Company letterhead and website YES YES YES
11 Discount for special ISO and under License presentation 15% 10% 5%