All of us in the Austria Iran Chemistry Association welcome your interest to join us. We offer comprehensive coverage of all special areas in modern chemistry. There are active research programs in sub disciplines of analytical, inorganic, organic,biochemistry,nano chemistry and physical chemistry, as well as exciting new interdisciplinary programs in chemical biology and materials chemistry. our members also benefit from our close relationships with other departments, including Biochemistry, Materials Science, Physics, and Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering. The Austria Iran Chemical Association is a focal point for inter-disciplinary research on our association.

Our TechnologyThe Austria Iran Chemical Association offers a wide range of opportunity to the young scientist just embarking on an independent research . Our tradition of commitment to excellence results in a uniquely capable environment for research and learn in the chemical sciences. This web site will give you a first glimpse of the exciting atmosphere you will experience, if you will decide to join our scientific program and group.

you will join the world’s largest and most successful group of chemical sciences’ alumni.

I hope to meet you as our international member .
Mojtaba Kazemeinkhah
Austria Iran Chemical Association